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Our Agency

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency providing services to persons with disadvantages and/or disabilities. The lions’ share of its operations is supported through the processing of tax-deductible donations received from the general public living in the 22 Northeast Iowa counties of Iowa.

Our Goodwill agency was established in 1960 with headquarters in Waterloo, Iowa. Even though Goodwill is autonomous and operating under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors, it is generally reliant on its affiliation with Goodwill Industries International and the worldwide network of independent Goodwill Industries agencies.

Our goal is to assist those we serve to achieve maximum independence. We recognize the potential of every individual regardless of physical limitations, intellectual impairment or socioeconomic barrier. The barriers to independence can only be removed when the majority of us are committed to that goal and are given a clearly defined role.

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. celebrates its heritage as an Iowa based organization. The people of our Midwest region are rugged individuals, grateful for their own life conditions and always willing to share in making the lives of others better. Together, we are making our region a better place to call home.

Innovative Ways

In order for our business to thrive for more than 50 years, it has required innovation. Goodwill has been guided by the motto “necessity is the mother of invention”.

The programs we offer today are far advanced to those we offered in the 60’s and 70’s. Our services must be tailored to the individual and particular needs of each person served. Such custom services necessitate insightful creativity.

Goodwill has also invented and reinvented its methods of processing donated materials. Our operations have evolved from rummage centers of the 60’s and 70’s to 21st century super stores.

Our jobs programs have moved past the “sheltered workshops” and out into private sector business partnerships that enhance opportunities for competitive employment.

As demand for services continues to climb, we have developed new income streams, alternative sources of revenue and created expanded lines of salvage sales all directed toward helping people remove barriers to independence.

Our Standards

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. as an affiliate of Goodwill International follows the strict standards of practice that have built the brand reputation of honesty, integrity and service.

The team of workers pulling the wagon at Goodwill everyday are dedicated to excellence in all they do. We recognize individual worth and exercise respect for one another.

Goodwill is proud to operate on a platform where performance and improvement are the hallmarks of daily living.

Our Mission

To help people overcome barriers to independence.

The mission of Goodwill is simply stated in such a way as to recognize the global barriers that may face an individual at home, in the community and in particular within their own physical and/or intellectual impairments and challenges.

The view of Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. is that eligibility to have others assist with removing barriers should not be based on visible impairment. Rather it should be based on the life situation of each individual.

Family members always play a key role in decisions related to sons and daughters. It is easy to forget the sacrifices and the barriers that families face and must overcome. Our mission is determined to recognize the whole person and to assist with removing the impediments to success wherever they may exist.

Living the Goodwill Industries mission gives focus and meaning to our daily tasks. “Helping” is the spearhead of the force of energy behind every act carried out on behalf of fostering opportunities for those we serve. We call it Team Excellence, a call to servant leadership. Goodwill Industries is determined to change the world by changing lives.

Our history

Pre 1960
In 1902 Dr. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister, recognized a need to assist men and women with disabilities and social disadvantages in Boston. His idea was a simple but practical one: Let the more fortunate people of the community donate usable items to be repaired and sold. Jobs for the disabled and disadvantaged were created. Low cost household items and clothes were available for resale to pay wages. Helm’s would be pleased to know that today there are 165 autonomous Goodwill agencies throughout America, and 40 Goodwills in 30 foreign countries.
Dr. Helm’s idea flourished and, in the late 1950’s a small group of dedicated individuals associated with Exceptional Persons, Inc. began formation of Goodwill Industries of Black Hawk County, Inc., an entity that operated under the direction of Exceptional Persons. In June 1960 Goodwill Industries became Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. and established its own status as a not-for-profit human services organization. Charles Mitchell served as Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc.’s first Executive Director.
1960 to 1970
From June of 1960 until the fall of 1963 Goodwill’s location, which consisted of a retail store, sheltered workshop, and offices, maintained operations at 710 Lafayette Street.
After acquiring the old Galloway building on Westfield Avenue in 1963, Goodwill expanded space fourfold. The Westfield property remained the home of Goodwill until 1967 when that property was purchased by the Urban Renewal Administration.
Late in 1966, a search committee found property at Falls Avenue in Waterloo which would provide adequate accommodations for both service delivery and future development.
A capital fund drive assisted Goodwill in purchasing approximately 6-1/2 acres of ground which is the present home of Goodwill. Since that time, there have been two major additions to the facility which now provides approximately 70,000 square feet of warehousing and office space.
Frank A. Mollenhoff was hired as President/CEO in 1969.
1980 to 1990
In the fall of 1985 a 12,000 square foot addition was added to the Falls Avenue property. The office area was remodeled along with the surfacing of a new parking lot, re-surfacing of the existing parking area and installation of a security fence. The Employment & Training Center contains 55,000 square feet of space.
1990 to 2000
In October 1993 Goodwill opened an Employment Services Office in Independence, Iowa to serve persons from Buchanan County through community employment services.
On September 1, 1994, Goodwill began providing services to three persons in Dubuque, Iowa. Those services included supported community living, supported employment, and respite. Additional services which began in 1995 included vocational evaluation, work adjustment, and competitive employment. The Dubuque retail store opened on May 1, 1995. Today, Dubuque human services and retail operations have surpassed 3.5 million dollars in revenue and serve hundreds of Iowans.
On January 1, 1999, Goodwill opened Joblink Plus in Waterloo/Cedar Falls to better serve persons in employment and community support services.
Recognizing declining revenues, on August 27, 1997, after fifteen years, Goodwill discontinued Beverage Container Division Operations which provided work for hundreds of consumers. Shortly following the closing of the Beverage Container Division, Mr. Mollenhoff died. Goodwill expanded its Industrial Contract Services (Mollenhoff Center) at the same location.
David L. Miller succeeded Frank Mollenhoff as President/CEO in 1999. With Miller’s arrival, Goodwill made significant changes. Over the next several years Goodwill: suspended Industrial Contract Operations, opened the Crossroads Super Store, began GoodWheels car program, and opened a Decorah, Iowa human services office.
2000 to 2010
After Miller’s departure to California in 2003, David E. Boyd, a twenty-five year Waterloo Goodwill employee, was hired as President/CEO. During Boyd’s tenure, Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. built a $2.75 million state-of-the-art facility in Dubuque; Iowa; a $1million retail facility in both Cedar Falls and Independence, Iowa; and a new facility in Decorah. Goodwill recently added E-Books to its business lines, selling used books on-line across the nation and worldwide. With an emphasis on fiscal integrity, Goodwill has continued to reduce dependence on governmental funding and has moved toward a more organizational, self-sufficient financial model. Goodwill has served record numbers of people while building an impressive balance sheet; assuring services to people for years to come.
In 2006, Goodwill began serving individuals in community enclaves, entitled HIRE PERFORMANCE. The Human Services HIRE PERFORMANCE contracts employ nearly 30 consumers working in the community.
Our Supported Community Living services expanded during 2006 to include RIGHT AT HOME leased apartments in Cedar Falls and Independence, Iowa. By subleasing these units to persons we serve, they are provided greater community independence with opportunities to strengthen their life skills.
2010 and beyond
In 2011, Goodwill received its 10th three-year CARF accreditation. CARF is a professional, third party examination of our human services programs, ensuring that nearly 700 persons receive quality service in Supported Living, Community Employment (job developmental supports and on-site training), Vocational Evaluation, Employee Development and Organizational Employment Services.
Goodwill surpassed $5 million in retail sales with the opening of a new Waverly retail site in 2010 and a new retail site in Maquoketa in 2011. Total corporate 2011 budget revenues are projected over $12 million.
In 2012, Goodwill continued its online book store (goodwillbound). In addition, we opened a second online store for e-merchandise (iowagoodwill). Goodwill expanded HIRE Performance crews with area businesses that led to successful community job placements for dozens of persons served. This year we also opened our first Attended Donation Center located at Thunder Ridge Mall in Cedar Falls.
We are resolved to perpetuate a corporate culture that clearly demonstrates TEAM EXCELLENCE: respecting the rights of others; providing equal opportunity; treating all of our audiences with dignity; and upholding the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity through ethical business practices and principles.

Administrative Staff

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    Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa is helping Dennis Bond forge a new life. Bond, 60, of West Union, suffers from mental illness. He lived in a Northeast Iowa institution for 24 years before Goodwill helped him learn to live independently.

    Today Bond manages his own apartment, volunteers at the West Union Community Library and works at the Goodwill Retail Store in Decorah. “Today I’m enjoying life,” Bond says.
    Dennis Bond
    For 32 years, the road from Kenny Bruhn’s Iowa home has led to Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. Bruhn 53, of Janesville has worked for Goodwill since he was 21 years old, most recently at the agency’s retail store in Cedar Falls. “We have been privileged to have Kenny work for Goodwill for 32 years,” said Goodwill President and CEO David E. Boyd. “Kenny has contributed a great deal to the success of this organization. Bruhn, who has cerebral palsy, retired from the agency this month.”
    Kenny Bruhn