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Goodwill Services

    Business Training and Placement

    Training is usually less than 8 weeks and is provided at Covenant Hospital, Walgreens and Pizza Ranch. Enrollees are trained in the specific needs of the business with the goal of obtaining a job in that industry after training is completed. Enrollees will meet with a Goodwill Placement specialist during their training to assist them with their job search.

    Employment Services

    This training is more long term and focuses on the deficit areas of each person. Paid on the job training occurs at one of the Goodwill Stores, the Corporate office, or one of ten outside businesses. Assistance will be given to help increase the skill level of each person. When the person is ready they are referred to the Goodwill Placement Specialist to help them with their job search. When they are hired, a Goodwill Job Coach will also help them through orientation and help get them established with their new employer.


    Services geared toward preparing an individual for paid or unpaid employment, that is not job-task oriented is considered pre-vocational. This includes teaching concepts for job readiness skills; ie. following directions, attending to tasks, task completion, problem solving, safety and mobility training. Pre-vocational services are offered in a variety of settings.


    At Goodwill Stores, training is supervised and focused on skills related to appearance, getting along with co-workers, safety and problem solving.

    Another retail option is offered in cooperation with Walgreens and gives individuals a chance to show the working skills they have in a less supervised environment. Training focuses on task completion such as merchandising, helping at the cash register and unloading freight. Workers experience customer service training and coworker encounters.


    In cooperation with Pizza Ranch training occurs in the restaurant. Individuals get a chance to work on task completion and interacting with others, food preparation, busing and/or waiting tables, dish washing, greeting customers and general cleaning.

    Custodial / Housekeeping

    In partnership with Country View Care Facility we offer training in a nursing home environment. Individuals work in the laundry, dietary and housekeeping departments.

    Contact a Goodwill Human Services Office in your area for details to get started or call 1-888-871-8001.

    Residential Services

    Having a place of their own helps individuals reach the highest level of independence possible using individualized residential services and support.

    Supported Employment

    To assist individuals with disabilities or disadvantages to obtain employment in the community by providing individualized on-going support.

    Tailored Services

    Each person we serve is unique and each one has special and particular needs. From time to time, it is necessary for Goodwill to reach out to community resources to tailor one or more service components so that an individual's growth can be achieved.

    Finding the right setting or the right fit may not always be possible within the array of Goodwill programs. Yet, being committed to removing individual barriers to independence, Goodwill works with other providers, agencies and community-based programs to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved in each case.

    One example of a referred service is Adult Day Care. Goodwill no longer provides the service, to do so duplicates the work of other agencies. Instead, persons in need of such services are referred to the appropriate provider. This approach maximizes resources and eliminates one more competitor in the delivery of an existing service. Our consumers of service, our clients, come first.

    Vocational Evaluation

    Helping individuals reach their highest level of independence and employment through individualized employment placement and support is the goal of vocational services.

    What We Do

    Goodwill uses a model of Organizational Employment Services (OES) - Work Crew Environment to provide paid training developing work skills, behaviors and ethics in a work crew atmosphere to achieve the best outcomes.

    Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation (CVE)

    Careful evaluation and assessments to determine work skills; functional abilities and limitations are carried out on each individual. Their strengths, needs, aptitudes, barriers to employment and strategies to overcome them are skillfully planned. Finally vocational objectives are set and recommendation for services are implemented.

    Community Employment Services (CES)

    The goal of our CES program is to provide vocational opportunities for:

    Workforce Development

    Through a specialized program called Ticket-to-Work, Goodwill is able to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security Disability beneficiaries so that they can obtain employment, vocational training and other support services without negatively impacting benefits and lifestyle.

    Work Adjustment

    To help prepare a person for a job in the community by working on short-term weaknesses identified with a vocational evaluation. Training is usually less than two weeks.

    Work Services

    Do you have positions with high turnover? When you hire through Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. you will receive a motivated employee who wants to work and has the skills to stick with it.

    Goodwill provides ongoing support to ensure success.

    Goodwill Offers

    • Job ready candidates
    • Experienced support staff who know and pre-screen applicants
    • On-going support to ensure success
    • Assistance with tax credits when available

    Our List of Employers is Growing — You could be next!

    How It Works

    • Contact a Goodwill Employment Specialist at 1-888-871-8001
    • Meet with a Specialist to define your needs
    • The Specialist selects qualified applicants and assist them with the application and interview process.
    • A job coach supports the new employee on the job and provides support long term.

    Start Today

    Contact a Goodwill Employment Specialist for details: Call 319-234-4626 or 1-888-871-8001.


    Any person 17 years of age or older (criteria waived for children in HCBS), who has a documented disability may be eligible for services from Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc.

    Individuals must meet GWNEIA Admissions Criteria.

    Do You Know Someone Who Needs Us?

    Making a referral to Goodwill is easy.

    Anyone can self refer. We also receive referrals from family members, professionals, Department of Human Services, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, ministers and friends. The process is simple;

    Contact a Goodwill Human Services Office in your area for details or to get started call 1-888-879-8001.

Right At Home

Right at Home provides the transition to independent living by assisting with necessary support services as long as required.

Making the move to independent living requires a little help.

This program can include assistance with housekeeping, transportation, personal care, coping skills, shopping, problem solving, budgeting, record-keeping and social skills. The program can also include temporary care giver relief (respite care).

Three Types of Service

Every Right at Home placement is carefully tailored to meet individual needs.

Contact a Goodwill Human Services Office in your area for details or to get started call 1-888-871-8001.

Supported Community Living

Provides transitional independent supported living for persons with disabilities. This service will maximize and maintain individual independence and self-direction through support of residential strengths, needs and interest. This service enables people to have the best possible quality of life.

Respite Services (RS)

Respite is a service that provides temporary relief from ongoing responsibilities for individuals and families served.

CDAC (Consumer-Directed Attendant Care)

This is a program designed to provide transitional independent, supported living quarters for persons with disabilities. Every situation is unique. Every Right at Home placement is carefully tailored to individual needs. If you, or someone you know is living with aged parents, in a group home or other sheltered quarters, it may be time to get settled Right at Home. We can help!

Consumer-Directed Attendant Care services are performed by a person to help a consumer with self-care tasks that the consumer would typically do independently if the consumer were otherwise able.

Hire Performance

Supervised Results — Our Payroll Not Yours

Hire Performance is a program designed to teach job and work production activities in order to equip disadvantaged and/or disabled workers with competitive employment readiness.

Employers who contact Goodwill with a general description of work requirements may be able to benefit from a work crew immediately. A tour of the job site and an evaluation of the potential for mutual success is measured. A contract is reached that sets out roles and responsibilities of each party.

Hire Performance selects a team of two to four employees. Each team has a supervisor, and constant supervision assures consistent quality.

Hire Performance work teams remain employees of Goodwill unless and/or until an employer suspends services or hires one or more crew members.