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Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency providing services to persons with disadvantages and/or disabilities mostly supported through the processing of tax-deductible donations received from the general public living in the 22 Northeast Iowa counties of Iowa.


Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa has assisted thousands of individuals with disabilities and social disadvantages in leading more rewarding and independent lives.


Goodwill Industries offers a department store approach to retail customers with everything on one floor. Goodwill stores represent the best in gently used donated items.


Goodwill is in the business of helping people through the resale of your donations. You are helping fund vocational training and job placement services for individuals with barriers to employment.

our mission

To help people overcome barriers to independence.
The mission of Goodwill is simply stated in such a way as to recognize the global barriers that may face an individual at home, in the community and in particular within their own physical and/or intellectual impairments and challenges.

innovative ways

Necessity is the mother of invention.
In order for our business to thrive for more than 50 years, it have required innovation. Goodwill has been guided by the motto “necessity is the mother of invention”.

our standards

Our Goodwill is an affiliate of Goodwill International.
Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa Inc. as an affiliate of Goodwill International, follows the strict standards of practice that have built the brand reputation of honesty, integrity and service.

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