The Jim Glaza Scholarship Fund

Jim Glaza was a remarkable individual. He suffered from macular degeneration in young adulthood and was soon completely blind. It was as if he had been given a gift. Jim became the state director for the Commission for the Blind where he served for nearly 35 years. He led a life of inspiration and example. Mr. Glaza was a veteran Goodwill board member and two-term chairman.

In honor of his legacy of hope and perseverance, Goodwill established this scholarship in his name. Jim died in 2009 from natural causes at the age of 81.

Prison Re-Entry

This program is designed to stem the tide of recidivism among individuals coming out of corrections and into community life. Goodwill carries out an individual assessment, develops a care plan, arranges employment and monitors progress. The prime goal of this program is competitive employment, independent living, and life’s enjoyment.

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Drives are conducted every Spring and Fall. Goodwill spots semi-trailers in as many towns throughout or 22-county region as is possible. Working with community groups and individual volunteers, material is collected over a 3-5 day period. Towns in areas where Goodwill services are scarce are especially happy to participate in the Donation Drives Program.

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Goodwill provides residential settings and support in its efforts to develop maximum independence. In some cases Goodwill provides 24-hour in-home coverage; in others, Goodwill visits two or three times a month. This program fosters independence with just the right amount of support. For many clients, Goodwill’s Right at Home Program constitutes the first chance to live on their own.

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Goodwill is in its 11th year of partnership with Dell. Dell is committed to the proper disposal of e-waste and the recycling of e-material whenever possible. Goodwill accepts all forms of computer parts and peripherals. All data storage is destroyed in the process of handling. Goodwill recycles approximately 12 to 15 truckloads of e-waste each year; that’s nearly 300 tons annually.

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Goodwill is all about creating jobs and putting people to work who otherwise might not seek employment. Goodwill collaborates with public and private employers to perform tasks, do light assembly, carry out industrial processes, and develop customer work opportunities. Evaluating skills, teaching employer expectations, and fostering sound work habits is all included in the HIRE Performance Program. 

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Veterans Integration Program

It may be surprising but there are homeless Veterans living on the street, in cars, and under bridges right here in Northeast Iowa. Goodwill has devoted manpower and resources to intervene in the lives of homeless and disengaged Veterans who have a desire to re-enter the mainstream of life. The program includes safe and decent housing, food, clothes, healthcare referrals, and other pre-employment adjustments. When ready, Goodwill assists these individuals into employment and oversees each individual’s care plan.

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Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Agency Surveys

Goodwill industries of Northeast Iowa has voluntarily participated in seeking CARF accreditation for the past 51 years. Gratefully, Goodwill has met or exceeded the standards of practice in all aspects of the agency operations and has received 17 consecutive three year accreditations.

CARF surveyors act as an independent objective review panel during a several day on-site survey process. Not only are surveyors interested in whether or not an agency is delivering service and operating administratively according to generally accepted standards, it’s prime interest is to ensure that individuals being served by the agency are receiving appropriate and effective care under safe and decent conditions.

Third quarter 2017 marks the 18th CARF survey visit of this Goodwill Industries sites and facilities. Surveyors will conduct their examinations in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, Decorah, Dyersville, Maquoketa, Independence, and Waverly. Employment, residential, training, work services, respite, supportive community living, and governance standards/administrative operations will be measured against expected practice.

Ultimately Goodwill receives a written summary of activities and findings along with recommendations and or suggestions to expand or improve service delivery. Each such visit has afforded this Goodwill the opportunity to look beyond the everyday operation with an eye toward continuous improvement. We are proud and grateful to be able to invite CARF surveyors to our table.

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