Outlet / Holiday Store

Store Hours

2620 Falls Avenue, Waterloo IA
Tuesday – Thursday, 11AM – 6PM

How is the outlet different from other Goodwill® retail stores?

YOU PAY BY THE POUND! That’s right… fill up your cart and pay by the pound. It’s extreme thrifting and it’s fun! You never know what you may find… just load a cart full of the items you want, weigh the cart and pay by the pound. Anyone who likes a bargain will love the outlet.

Store Hours

2640 Falls Avenue, Waterloo IA
Tuesday – Saturday, 11AM – 6PM

Goodwill®’s pop-up Holiday Store is the place to go for unique holiday decor and gifts…all at UNBEATABLE PRICES! From seasonal decorations to Christmas collectibles… you’ll find it all at the Goodwill® Holiday Store.

Plus, when you shop at Goodwill… you are supporting our mission of providing job placement, training and housing, right here in Northeast Iowa!